Thank you 2018 – Contribution with social and regional engagement

Übergabe der Spende an das SOS Kinder und Familienzentrum in Weimar
"Two thousand euros", reads Maria (8, right) before the donation check. Whether Peter Kleine, social worker Katrin Crone, ATBB Managing Director Michael Weber and Oona (right) listen and check if they are doing it right. Photo: Michael Baar

The governor of Weimar City, Peter Kleine witnessed the donation of 2000,00 EUR from Dr. Michael Weber CEO from ATBB to the SOS Kinder und Familienzentrum in Weimar. Katrin Crone the social worker from this organization was glad to receive this benefaction in order to help children and families from the region.

Social commitment and regional solidarity distinguish the traditional company from Bad Blankenburg, which just for a year ago occupies a new location in Weimar Legefeld. In our work culture we think that nowadays is very important to be part of the socially responsible companies, which not only have production priorities but also worry about the good development of the world in many fields.

As well as the support for the SOS Kinder und Familienzentrum, some other donations were done to organisations like the Stifterverband in Essen, the Kinder- und Jugendsportclub KSSV Victoria Weimar e.V., the Kinderhospiz Mitteldeuschland in Nordhausen, the regional location Entwicklungsverein Legefeld aktiv e.V. and the Weimarer Kindertagestätte in Gelmeroda. Each of them is oriented to different areas like family, sport, childcare, education and science.

The CEO Dr. Michael Weber and the whole company are definitely sure and convinced that such contributions make us better people and support groups that need some push for their different types of activities. This is a good reason for keep looking places where to contribute in the near future.
(Source: daily press TA at 14.12.18)