Resonanz des Schaltschrankes mit der Einbauantenne

Smart Metering is, when the control cabinet sends direct and immediately.

ATBB presented innovative solutions at the E-World energy & water Fair in Essen from 05.-07. February 2019.

The IoT is an internet of networked data,...

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Übergabe der Spende an das SOS Kinder und Familienzentrum in Weimar

Thank you 2018 – Contribution with social and regional engagement

The governor of Weimar City, Peter Kleine witnessed the donation of 2000,00 EUR from Dr. Michael Weber CEO from ATBB to the SOS Kinder und...

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Von links: Hr. Konstantin Skora, Hr. Marcel van Wijk, Premium Equity Partners, Hr. Johann Löttner, im Auftrag der Desay SV Automotive., Hr. Dr. Weber, GF ATBB und Hr. Manfred Krunnies, Vorsitzender des Beirats. (Foto: ATBB)

Desay SV Announces Acquisition of Antennentechnik ABB Bad Blankenburg

Desay SV Automotive is to acquire Antennentechnik ABB Bad Blankenburg GmbH (ATBB) through its parent company Huizhou Desay SV Automotive Co., Ltd. The...

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Blick in die Messkammer der Antennentechnik Bad Blankenburg GmbH

New anechoic chamber with expanded frequency ranges

In the field of mobile communications, defined frequency ranges are increasingly allocated to specific applications. This takes place on the one hand...

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New factory in Weimar – a press report

“Weimar’s youngest industrial company will be a hundred years old next year,” reported the THÜRINGER ALLGEMEINE in February. Further:
“Hermann Pawlik...

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Neue Mitglieder in der Initiative Erfurter Kreuz, gemeinsam mit dem Vorstand der IEK. Dr. Michael Weber (r.) mit der Mitgliedsurkunde (Foto IEK, H. Hunstock)

Antennentechnik is a member of IEK

Initiative Erfurter Kreuz (IEK) invited members and interested parties to the half-yearly meeting at the Hotelpark Stadtbrauerei in Arnstadt on 22...

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