Two new antennas meet smart requirements

Device antenna 4119 (CDMA): Easy to use - satisfying in range
The antenna 4119 from ATBB was developed with the special requirements in smart metering in mind.
The use of intelligent smart meters is indispensable for electricity and water suppliers today. Innovative smart meters do not need any complicated mechanics or moving parts. The installation environment is often a challenge. The antenna 4119 can be easily installed by snapping onto the plastic top-hat rail with a 35mm profile in accordance with DIN 50022. It can be used wherever a space-saving installation in a control cabinet is required - Its construction allows flexible assembly in different plastic environments.

The DIN rail antenna 4119 was developed with regard to the use of the 450 MHz band and thus offers a particularly large range as well as a very good building penetration. The antenna can be used for base meters and installation fields. Its maximum output is 5 Watts. The new development was created as part of the cooperation with Thuringian Energy Networks (TEN), the largest distribution network operator in Thuringia. The TEN is in charge for all infrastructure services for the electricity and natural gas supply as well as the connection of decentralized generation plants. The antenna 4119 is an important new component in these tasks.

Stationary antenna 4942: Our weatherproof broadband station antenna (700 MHz - 3800 MHz) 
The station antenna 4942 is ready for 5G with a very broad frequency band (LTE 700-3800 MHz). The new antenna from ATBB is therefore ideally suited for many applications in the mobile network sector. A HF cable is permanently connected to the antenna and the rod is housed in a plastic tube. Everything is weatherproof and therefore suitable for indoor and outdoor use. The plastic housing is UV-resistant and has an IP protection class of 54 against dust and splash water.

The antenna is 185 mm high and is mounted vertically with the supplied bracket. The associated 5-meter cable gives a lot of flexibility when choosing the right location. As the antenna 4942 is MIMO-capable, the quality (bit error rate) and the data rate can be significantly improved.

Antennas bring people together – among each other, with technology and with the future. ATBB develops targeted antenna solutions for the networked world of today and tomorrow. As a reliable partner, ATBB is expert in many industries - for example in the automotive industry, at commercial vehicle manufacturers or for the public service radio and is a strategic partner for companies from industry and trade.

Questions about these new products for energy and water suppliers are answered by the expert Tobias Schneider .