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About us

Antennentechnik Bad Blankenburg GmbH is a high-tech company that designs intelligent multifunctional antennas for the automotive industry, critical communications services, radio and smart meter applications for the energy sector and the device industry.

ATBB strives for a strong and rapid technological growth. ATBB also develops the right solution for the customer requirements of the telecommunications industry. With our antennas, we are already able to enable optimal 5G networking for DAB +, LTE, TETRA, UMTS, GNSS, GSM and every conceivable application of Industry 4.0. There are sales locations in England, Sweden and in Turkey.

Our latest product is called WiCAR (LTE Multirouter and Car-PC) for the automotive sector and it is equipped with its own Cloud-Service, Firewall and VPN support, which ensures a highly data security management. The WiCAR is based on Linux software and it can be individually adapted to the customer specifications.

ATBB is the first antenna specialist offering versatile and invisible control cabinet antennas. The right choice of a high quality and powerful antenna ensures a 100% signal transmission and that is how all data come from the control cabinet in the basement direct and immediately to the mobile network.

Our slogan "Antenna Technology Builds Business" explains perfectly how important is our mediation role for the transmission of communication. For this reason, ATBB is the expert company with customized antennas for all customer needs.